Bill Cosby "Devastated" After Guilty Verdict - He Was Not Expecting It At All!

The verdict indicting Bill Cosby on all charges has the world sighing in relief, as the Montgomery County Court convicted him of three counts of felony sexual assault, essentially ensuring that he spends the rest of his life in jail. At eighty-years-old, Cosby will be going to jail and spending the rest of his days there, wondering how things went so wrong.

As you may know, it all started in 2014 when Hannibal Buress’ comedy skit went viral on YouTube. In the video, Buress made fun of the fact that Bill had the audacity to chastise black-Americans for their manner of dress and way of talking, yet ironically, he was once charged with sexual assault.

Hannibal referred to the original court case with Andrea and Bill in 2004 that ended with an out of court settlement. The case subsequently went away and was never heard again, until Hannibal’s comedic routine, much to the comedian’s chagrin.

After it went viral, a plethora of women accused Bill of similar crimes, including drugging, raping, assaulting, harassing, and many other egregious sexual misconduct.

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In fact, misconduct isn’t even the proper word, considering many of his actions were downright felonies. And while the globe has rejoiced in the verdict, sources close to the entertainer say him and his family are completely shocked.

An insider shared, “Bill and his family honestly think that he’s innocent and this is a product of institutionalized racism.”

Moreover, according to a report from The Globe and Mail, members of the black community are upset over the verdict for a similar reason, claiming that Bill is in jail purely because of racism.

The argument is that Harvey is not in prison because of his race, and Bill is in prison because he’s black. However, of course, the nature of the respective man’s crimes are significantly different.