Celina Powell Proves Offset Is The Father Of Baby Karma? - Check Out The DNA Test Results!

The proof is here! Offset’s alleged baby mama Celina Powell took to social media to announce that the results of the paternity test she served the Migos rapper with are here and it’s official – he is the father of her baby daughter Karma!

Celina shared the information in a pretty odd Instagram live while she was in the car with a pal.

The Instagram model can be seen holding the papers she claims are the DNA test results.

At the beginning of the live chat, she can be heard screaming: ‘Who’s the dad? Offset is the dad b***h!.’

She goes on to say: ‘Play the Migos song now, we have to celebrate to your song.’

Celina also stated that now that it’s proven, she can post pics of her and Offset’s baby girl and people will not be able to say she is not his daughter.

‘15 rocks a month coming my way! I cannot believe he really took the test. He is so stupid,’ the model continued to celebrate.

Before ending the live, she zooms in on the papers in her hand labeled LabCorp.
Her name, as well as Offset’s real name, can be read and the results are clear – 99.99% sure he is the dad!

However, doubts about whether or not that is the real thing still exist and people are skeptical.
As you may remember, the woman previously claimed that last week she served the rapper with the court ordered papers.

According to her, Offset first threw them away but one person from his entourage took them off the ground as they were heading for the car.

Celina assumed he decided to take the test as he was certain she is lying about the paternity.