'Delighted' Khloe Kardashian Is Happy Tristan Thompson Was Able To 'Stick It' To The Haters

It was a great night for Tristan Thompson who led the Cavaliers to victory, and according to rumors, his baby mama, Khloe Kardashian, was happy for him.

After being benched by his team, True’s father had an epic showing against the Indiana Pacers in Game 7, and a source close to Khloe claimed that she was overjoyed to see her baby daddy stick it to the haters who thought his career was over.

The NBA star’s life and career were being rocked by a cheating scandal that involved several women just days before Khloe went into labor.

With sports fans booing and jeering Tristan every time he hit the court, LeBron James and other members of the team decided to put him aside.

A source claimed that the new mother celebrated the win and continued: “Khloe was happy that the Cavaliers won and proud of the way Tristan played. He was back on top form, and his performance made all the naysayers eat their words. Additionally, he was able to stick it to all those people blaming the ‘Kardashian curse’ for Tristan’s lackluster playing recently.”

The family friend added: “Khloe and Tristan may be going through a tough situation at the moment, but that does not mean she is stopped cheering him on, far from it in fact. Khloe prays that Tristan will get back on top of his game, because, no matter what happens to their romance, he will always be True’s father, and she wants him to be someone their daughter can look up to and be proud of.

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Meanwhile, Khloe’s fans are destroying him now that he is back on Instagram.

One said: “Not once have you posted about your daughter, I guess we all know where your priorities are. No one will have any moral conscience cares about your sports victories. How you treat others says most about you. Seriously dude?! Get over yourself. You have a daughter that will want a father to look up to one day.Shame on you.”

Another commenter stated: “Now you post after breaking Khloe heart. I never knew how low you are until now. People liked you, but now they do not you spoiled everything your self. Where’s Khloe and the baby…. that is what we wanna see. Who even are you? Nobody knew about you until Khloe started dating you, you are irrelevant.You will always be a pathetic looser no matter what.”

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A third person wrote: “I have met some pricks in my life, but you sir are a freaking cactus Literally the only person I know who does not post about the birth of their child. That is sad one cares about you now you ruined your career and your GF.”

 Do you think they will get back together?