Has Priyanka Chopra Gotten Married In Secret? - She Addresses The Wedding Speculations!

Is the beauty secretly married? One particular pic of Priyanka Chopra made fans speculate that the actress might have tied the knot without us knowing.

However, the star addressed the rumors, setting the record straight in an epic way. Check out her reaction here.

It seems like not only is she NOT engaged or already married but the notion made her laugh.

‘Hahahah! the heights of speculation! This is an evil eye, guys! Calm down! I will tell u when I get married and it will not be a secret! Lol,’ she tweeted in response to the rumors.

As proof, alongside the message, she also shared a closeup pic of the ‘evil eye’ bracelet she was wearing and which many fans thought was a Mangalsutra.
The said traditional piece of jewelry is something that Indian women usually wear to show they are married.

It all started with a photo the actress posted of herself on a flight to Assam and in which the bracelet was visible.

                    Source: hollywoodlife.com

After pointing out the meaning of the bracelet, fans proceeded to question her relationship status.

But in the end, it turned out that it was just a piece of jewelry she was rocking and nothing more.

We understand why fans thought she would have gotten married in secret as the actress usually stays quiet about her personal life.

However, she has opened up about romance before.

‘If I decide to take the plunge, it’d be with someone who understands and supports

[my hectic schedule]. At the end of the day, both people make the relationship work. It’ll take an understanding and prioritization from both.’