Ivanka Trump’s Polka Dot State Dinner Dress Cost Over $12,000!

When it comes to fashion, budgeting is the last thing on Ivanka Trump’s mind. Ivanka recently attended President Donald Trump’s state dinner and rocked a polka dot dress worth well over $12,000 — which didn’t exactly sit well with some of the more conservative members of the party.
Ivanka donned a pink gown for the event made by American designer Rodarte. The dress was obviously made for lavish events and featured ruffles, a pleated mid-section and an open back design. Some fans may recognize the dress as several celebrities — including Kirsten Dunst and Mille Bobby Brown — have worn similar versions for red carpet appearances.
According to Yahoo, Ivanka’s dress retails for the high price of $12,888. Fortunately, there’s a small chance that tax payer’s money purchased the dress, as most members of the Trump family pay for their own clothing.

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It’s also not out of the ordinary to see political figures spending this kind of money on their wardrobe, especially for important events like state dinners. We do not know if Ivanka paid for the dress out of her own pocket, but there is a strong chance that she did not.
The event, which was held this past Tuesday, was the first of its kind for the Trump administration. Apart from Trump and the rest of his family, the dinner was attended by the president of France, Emmanuel Macron, and his wife, Brigitte.
Also in attendance was Ivanka’s husband, Jared Kushner. The dinner was held to honor Macron and his accomplishments in France.
While Ivanka chose a dress from an American designer, Trump’s wife and first lady, Melania Trump, opted to go with a French designer. Melania, who actually speaks French, donned a Chanel Haute Couture dress for the dinner. The silver studded gown was a part of the company’s Spring 2018 catalog and made its first appearance at this year’s fashion show in Paris.

It is not clear how much Melania paid for the gown or if it was an official donation. Given how the dinner honored the French president, Melania’s fashion decision was also a nod towards the country.
The French president is expected to remain in the United States until Thursday and has been enjoying a detailed tour of Washington, which included a ride in a private helicopter with President Trump and his family. Ivanka Trump has not commented on the reports surrounding the price tag on her state dinner dress