KUWTK: Kim Confesses Baby Chicago's Name 'Messes' With Her - Check Out The Names She Almost Picked Instead!

Kim Kardashian opened up about the other name options she had in mind for baby Chicago. The KUWK star was on Ellen DeGeneres’ show today and she revealed that the other monikers were unexpectedly common.

When the parents announced that their third addition to the family would be called Chicago West aka Chi (read Shy) social media had a lot to say about the unique name.

Unfortunately, many thought it was a ridiculous choice.

Now, the reality TV star explained how she decided on it and why she almost didn’t.

Ellen first reminded Kim that she had said before that she wanted her new baby to have a one syllable name.

‘It kind of messes with me, I am not going to lie. I really love the one syllable thing,’ Kim said.

When asked if there were other options, the Kardashian said that it all came down to two names but neither one made it in the end.

‘It was between … we were going to name her Jo because of my grandma, Mary Jo. So we were going to go with Jo, or with Grace. And then it was Chicago. We ended up with Chicago.’

‘Because Kanye wanted Chicago? Because he is from Chicago?’ the host asked.

‘Umm…I do not even know how the name … I mean, obviously because he is from Chicago. But that’s a place that made him, and a place he remembers his family from,’ Kim said, adding that Kanye really wanted to somehow honor his mother with the birth of the baby daughter.

‘He wanted his mother’s name, and I love it too, I just was not sure…it is so much to live up to.’

As you may be aware, Kanye West’s late mother was named Donda.

‘I just felt like Chicago was just cool and different. We call her Chi. So it is North, Saint, and Chi,’ Kim explained how she solved her one-syllable dilemma.