More Bad News For Khloe Kardashian: Tristan Thompson Reportedly Arranged Secret Hook-Ups Online

When will this end? Poor Khloe Kardashian finds out more horrifying details about her baby daddy’s behavior. Latest reports say that he used to arrange secret meet-ups online with random women.
Tristan Thompson’s infidelity goes really deep and it seems that it’s beyond meeting random girls in bars and clubs.

An insider seems to know more about his behavior and discussed the matter with Us Weekly.
‘Tristan slides into girls’ DMs,’ the source told the magazine.

‘He messages girls that way, on Instagram, and then meets up with them. He likes exotic or non-American looking girls with big butts.’

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Everyone on this planet must know by now that Khloe recently gave birth to her and Tristan’s baby girl earlier this month. She couldn’t be the happiest woman on the planet because she had to endure something unexpected and horrible – Tristan being unfaithful.
She found out along with the rest of the world that he has been cheating on her since last year with various women.

There have been photos and videos that surfaced online backing up the fact that he cheated on her while she was pregnant.

For the moment, Khloe is still in Cleveland taking care of her baby girl, and Tristan is in the middle of a playoff run with the Cavs.

Latest reports said that Tristan was kicked out from Khloe’s house and he is currently living at a hotel.

On the other hand, he did seem to be in good spirits as he was seen heading to Indiana for a playoff on April 19. He was photographed smiling

while he was wearing a comfy grey tracksuit and he was making his way to the plane.