Rasheeda Frost Flaunts Her Natural Hair In Sexy New Video — Is She Tempting Kirk?

Boss chick Rasheeda has decided to go back all natural, and fans are loving the look. The star of Love & Hip Hop Atlanta shared a beautiful video where she is rocking her long natural hair.
The femcee decided to have her wavy hair, straight and sleek. Many were quick to notice that the hair is silky and shiny and joked by saying it was so pretty that it was blinding them.
The brief clip was filmed in Rasheeda’s car as she was heading to her store located in Atlanta, Georgia.

The mother of two killed the sexy look by rocking diamond hoop earrings, a brand name sweater, and several pieces of jewelry, and as always her makeup was flawless.
However, what really got her fans’ attention was the fact that she decided to ditch the colorful wigs for her natural hair.

Many decided to compliment her on her looks and reminded her that she is a real boss and therefore does not need cheating Kirk and his baby mama drama with Jasmine Washington.

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One supporter of the rapper said: “I love you, beautiful and classy never seen you get outta character. You are a fine woman, but why do u wear other designers written all over your clothing and want people to shop at Pressed? Shouldn’t use be advertising your product on Instagram and when u go to work aka your store? I would never wear Reebok if I owned Nike. And if I did, it wouldn’t be on social media or to work. My girl went to your store when I went to the Cubs game last year to see my nephew CJ Edwards play. I got a picture of your mom she’s awesome I was hoping to meet you, and I love the show.”

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Another commenter claimed: “Rasheeda face is always beat. Werrrrrk!!!!!!!That shine will blind me! Share your hair product info!I don’t know why you let Kirk waste your time! You are top FIVE and your ranks, not 2-5!From chewing on my bubblegum to owning your chain of soon to be franchised and traded on stock market of pressed boutiques love the growth. A true fan of your music..You should open up a Press in Illinois somewhere.”

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A third person shared: “Your strength is amazing. Your resolve is impeccable. Your soul is shining through, and your success will destroy your enemies. You are my favorite Rashida. Don’t get too busy make time for that guy if you don’t want someone else .you the bast Women love you love hip-hop queen.” While Rasheeda is trying to move on, her husband is still begging her to take him back.