Shaquem Griffin drafted by Seahawks: Dream becomes reality for LB despite loss of hand

Shaquem and Shaquill Griffin are now paired together on the Seahawks

The Seahawks are not afraid to think outside of the box, and coming into the 2018 NFL Draft, they looked like an ideal landing spot for Shaquem Griffin. Griffin is one of the more incredible stories in this draft, a young man who lost one of his hands at the age of four, yet still managed to battle his way to playing for UCF and becoming one of the best players on an undefeated team. Griffin was aided in his ability to play college football by his brother Shaquill Griffin, who would not go to a school without his brother. Shaquill left school a year earlier than Shaquem, and he was drafted by the Seahawks. Now the two are reunited, with Seattle selecting Griffin with the No. 141 pick in the draft. It was an incredibly emotional scene at the Griffin house.

Griffin, who actually attended the draft despite knowing he might not be picked until Saturday, said during the process that he would love to land with Seattle and he could see the "Legion of Boom" being replaced by the "Legion of Griffins."
It's a questionable nickname (legions are usually bigger than two people) but we'll give him a pass because this story is just so incredible. The two are united, and Shaquem told ESPN's Laura Rutledge that, despite having to wait and see people drafted in front of him again and again, it was worth it to be reunited with his brother in Seattle. "Oh my goodness, it was exactly what I said. I couldn't breath. It was tough, I'm not going to lie to you, just seeing the guys picked in front of me. It was in God's hands," Shaquem said on ESPN during the draft. "I would wait all over again to have that opportunity to be back with my brother. For everyone who was picked in front of me, for everyone who doubted me, they're really gonna feel who I am. I'm not going to let no price or no pick define who I am." And emotional Griffin also said during the call from Pete Carroll that he "couldn't breathe." You don't hear him use that word much.

Griffin also sent a message to the doubters in his comments on ESPN after being selected. "People doubt me on every single level, every single stage. And they doubt me now at this specific stage," Griffin said. "Every single time I prove them wrong. And that's what I will do this time. "Greatness is coming." For their part, the Seahawks are quite excited as well. Quarterback Russell Wilson sent a note out:
Chris Mortensen of ESPN reported that Pete Carroll texted him overwhelmed with excitement over the way that Griffin approaches the game of football. Carroll has been dropping clues about the Seahawks drafting Griffin all throughout the draft. Griffin is a perfect fit for the Seahawks, a team in transition that is looking to get back to Carroll's roots and focus on competition driving success as the NFC changes all around them. The biggest reason Griffin fell is he's seen as primarily a special teamer in the NFL and, frankly, because he has one hand. It's simply more difficult to play football with one hand, although Griffin's done just fine so far. But the Seahawks could have a future starting need at outsider linebacker, where he's expected to play for Seattle. K.J. Wright has just one year left on his contract. Griffin, like he said, has been counted out and dismissed every step of the way in his life as an athlete. And every step he's proved people wrong. Don't be surprised when he does it again with Seattle.