Tamar Braxton Sparks New K. Michelle Feud With Sweet Video Of Son Logan

Poor Tamar Braxton, she cannot catch a break. The diva took to Instagram, and she shared a sweet video of son Logan having fun in a superhero costume.
She used the caption to pat herself on the back for being a hard-working woman, (music career, TV personality, model and more), who makes sure she is an excellent mother to her cute child.
Tamar also used the opportunity to reveal to the world that since the divorce from husband Vincent Herbert; Logan has been living with her.

The former host of the Real concluded her message by saying that no boyfriend will ever come before Logan.

Her note read: “I’m Just a Mother who takes care of her SON no MATTER WHAT!! I’ll NEVER trade him for a night out, a man, nor a job #mygift #imaREALmom #bestjobever #heliveswithME; shout out to all the real amazing mothers!! Love yall this is why I turn my comments off because it IS ok to pat yourself on the back!! It’s hard working your ass off all day like most of us do THEN go home and be A FULL-TIME parent! Shade who for WHAT!!?!? Gtf up, please.”

She was forced to change the caption after many accused her of shading her rival K. Michelle whose only child lives with his grandparents.
One fan said: “Facts Tay Tay!! Even after 10 hour days..tired feeling defeated asking God why? My favorite part of the day is opening my garage door and my son’s face light up and say, Mommy!! God is good makes my day all day every day; you’re a GREAT MOMMY as long as Logan’s face lights up to tell God to thank you and keep it pushing. Couldn’t have said it any better sis.”

Another commenter wrote: “They say the more someone posts pics and vids of themselves or their lives are more insecure about those things.She edited her caption; she wasn’t ready for that problem. Tamar commented on K. Michelle’s but implants leaking and K. Michelle said Tamar got her nose done and it still does the gangsta lean. They were throwing shots at each other about whose plastic surgery was worse. Smh.”

 Tamar is one busy woman.