The Newly Surfaced Report Of Ryan Edwards’ Arrest Last Year Uncovers Shocking Details About His Drug Problem


We have learned some details about the Teen Mom star’s drug addiction from the report of his 2017 arrest and it is safe to say we are shocked! Ryan Edwards has always been pretty open about his addiction but we never knew the extent of the man’s struggle until now.Fans of the MTV reality TV show know all too well that back in March of 2017, Edwards was arrested for heroin possession and Paraphernalia before going to rehab.
Now, the man has been arrested once again for violating his probation.The report of what took place last year when the authorities arrested him for the first time have finally revealed the shocking details of that day.It all started when Ryan was pulled over at a Tennessee traffic stop due to having expired tags.But while he was being questioned by one policeman, another noticed in the back seat, an open backpack in which a hypodermic needle could be seen.‘I asked Edwards if he had a medical condition and he answered, ‘No.’ Then I asked why he had a hypodermic needle on him and he replied, ‘I do not know.’ I told him the vehicle will be searched and he should tell me if there are more. Edwards replied, ‘Yes, probably,’’ the officer’s report reads.The police ultimately found no less than 14 hypodermic needles, two spoons ‘with residue on them,’ as well as a small scale on him, all used to prepare and facilitate the use of drugs.Finally, the officers also found a baggie filled with a black substance tied together in the center console of his car.About this, the report reads: ‘I asked Edwards what that was and he replied, ‘It is heroin and I have a problem.’’ Upon weighing it, it was discovered that Edwards was carrying no less 1.8 grams of heroin!