Tristan Thompson Is Reportedly In Shock After Kim Kardashian Talked About His Cheating On Ellen DeGeneres’ Show


Kim Kardashian spilled the tea about her family’s reaction to Tristan Thompson’s alleged cheating scandal and on how the new mommy Khloe Kardashian is doing these days after her baby daddy’s betrayal.
Kim appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’ show on April 27 and it seems that she took Tristan by surprise with her actions and what she said hurt the man.
‘Tristan expected that he would be grilled on Keeping Up but he never expected that Kim or anyone would go on Ellen or any other talk show to talk about the cheating allegations. Tristan wanted to keep it low as much as possible but now he sees that there are no rules when it comes to the family talking about it,’ an insider reported.

   Michael Rozman/Warner Bros.

‘The fact that the whole world knows his dirty laundry is really messing with his emotions. He realizes that he put himself in this situation, but it’s really messing with him. He wants to focus on basketball and that is just not going to happen,’ the same source continued.
We hear that Tristan is furious after Khloe’s sister called him about the whole cheating and he wishes that Kim wouldn’t make everything so public. 

‘Tristan thinks his mistakes with Khloe are a family issue which should be dealt with privately. He wishes Kim had a little more class than to diss him so harshly in public while he is trying to help his team win another title,’ the source concluded.