Thai Salon Employs Hunky Men To Serve Their Customers

The ladies are greeted by chiseled abs and bulging biceps.

Now women in Thailand don’t have to go to male strip clubs just to have fun, Magic Mike-style. They only need to drop by this friendly neighborhood salon where they can get their hair washed by topless hunky male models!

Sutteerak Hair Salon in Chanthanimit, Mueang Chanthaburi District, Thailand opened their second branch recently. For their grand opening, they hired four male models to entertain their mostly female clients.

This is what will greet you when you enter the salon…

The ladies are greeted by chiseled abs and bulging biceps. These guys will also escort them towards the salon.

To be clear, this was just a one-time deal for the salon. You won’t find these fine gentlemen when you go to the salon now.

 You can definitely relax while a shirtless hunk washes your hair…
And blow dry it as well… Of course you will want to take pictures! These guys will also carry you in their arms and just let you melt among all that male goodness. Something like this exists for the men as well. A barber shop in Oskemen, Kazakhstan employed sexy women to cut hair while almost completely naked.
According to reports:
“The girls were actually dancers from the nearby Zebra strip club and had agreed to pose for the photographs for an online advertising campaign.
“But that did not stop men, who recognised the salon from the pictures when they were shared on social media, from turning up in the hope of a trim from a scantily clad woman.”
Sutteerak Hair Salon is just one of the numerous businesses using sexy models to attract customers. A food stall in Taiwan hired a female model while a hot pot restaurant in China signed up bikini models and shirtless hunks. A coffee shop in Thailand served their customers using model-waitresses wearing almost nothing at all.